4010 Williams Dr
Georgetown, TX 78628
512 - 863 - 2634
We have a very nurturing staff and we truly love our students. We are a small program with a maximum enrollment of 78 children enrolled. Our size provides us the ability to spend time getting to know our students and helps us to build relationships with our students and their families. Whatever your choice in choosing a program for your child, whether it's Faith Lutheran Preschool or any other program, we want you to feel comfortable with your decision.

Remember you are your child's first and best advocate!

A Typical Day (age appropriate)

• The nature of our school is Christian based. The children and staff pray and say blessings many times throughout the day.
• Children attend chapel daily and hear a message from our Pastors, one of our Directors of Christian Education, or the Director, and preschool staff.
• During music children sing songs, do finger plays, wiggle and dance to Christian and secular preschool music selections.
• In the classroom children have several opportunities to play in centers including dramatic play and dress up, kitchen and housekeeping, books and reading, cars, other toys and manipulatives, etc.
• Circle time with the teacher is a time to review shapes, colors, letters, numbers, feelings, days of the week, months of the year, etc.
• Crafts, academic, and Christian lessons are usually conducted with a few children at the table at one time, however, depending on the age some classes have all the children sit at the table at the same time and are instructed in a classroom type atmosphere.
• Story time is a wonderful time to share the love of books with young children. Literacy is such an important part of a child's future learning and it is important to excite children with books and stories at any age.
• Lunch is held in the Activity Center (gym type area). Each class sits together at a designed table with their class.Our staff assists children with opening lunches and clearing their area when finished.
• Families provide their children's lunch and drink daily. We provide a light snack and drink during the morning hours. We do not serve foods that contain nuts; however, we do allow families to provide foods appropriate for their own children.
• One of our goals is to allow children to experience the outdoors as much as possible. Our fenced play ground is tree covered to provide shade and provides plenty of room to run or play on the playscape!
• During rest time children are in a quiet low light room with background music playing. Depending on the age and development of the child they may fall asleep or lie quietly. After a period of time the children may be offered a book or puzzle while they remain on their nap sack. Children are not expected to sleep, however, due to the State licensing we are required to provide a 'rest time' for all children.